How can iHealth help you?
Care Coordination
The healthcare ecosystem is crowded with a wide range of disparate, siloed technologies, making care coordination time-consuming and complex. Too often, a patient can enter and exit the healthcare system without the primary care or other attending providers ever being notified.
The iHealth platform provides the tools needed to communicate securely and seamlessly with multiple entities, including physicians, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, nursing homes and care providers. iHealth offers interoperability across different systems and technologies.
iHealth’s Knowtifi module delivers a true, unified patient record, enabling care coordination between providers, social services and family members in real time. This communication platform allows medical and social services providers to not only view, but collaborate on their patients’ ongoing care and coordinate services.
Deliver Coordinated Care
  • Stay in the know with real-time notifications
  • Access real-time patient records from medical and social service providers
  • Collaborate using secure messaging, instant documentation review and remarks
  • Author and sign-off on EHR documents
  • Track consultations, orders and social services
Find out how iHealth can help you overcome barriers to streamline and simplify your care coordination.

iHealth also supports patient engagement

  • Send appointment reminders and manage no-shows
  • Use it as a comprehensive Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Manage a patient’s preventative care and monitor their health and progress
  • Create and manage patient education sessions